Interior Design

How We Work

How We Work


Initial meeting

Each project starts with a no-charge meeting at your property. We discuss the project in detail and take your brief. We get to know your sense of style, personality and aspirations to learn what is important to you so that the finished project is an accurate reflection of what you envisioned. This is also an opportunity to ensure that any issues are identified and discussed before work commences. We will also discuss budgets and timescale so that the project can progress smoothly. This meeting is followed up with a written proposal.

Concept Design

Based on our discussion, we will create the concept that will be presented by mood boards with drafts showing usage of space, structural modifications and furniture layouts. Colour scheme, fabrics and finishes will be presented. We discuss cost, which included provisional sums for any work along with any outline program. We feel it's essential to engage and work together closely at this stage of the project, as the next stage pulls together your wishes with our creativity.

Detail Design

Once the concept design has been agreed, the project moves to the detail design and specialisation stage. Every element of the scheme is designed and specified for you to sign-off. Samples are presented for discussion and approval. It can be arranged for you to see and feel specified items if relevant. We propose and install accessories as required.


Once the detail design, furniture, fabrics, and the colour scheme has been agreed, we will present you with a detailed plan which outlines the cost of each item per room or area with a total project costing. The purchases are made through us and supplied with the benefit of discounts where available. A fee will be charged to manage every stage of the attainment for negotiations, delivery, through to production and quality management. This allows us to deal with any issues, such as post-delivery issues, that may arise.


The project has been agreed with you, and the progress of the project is managed and monitored on a regular basis for seamless efficiency and quality.

Styling & Handover

We can see the process all the way through to styling and handover should you require this service. When the construction and decoration are complete, we will arrange a full site clean. We coordinate the deliveries and positioning of furnishings and mix the furniture in with your existing treasures. We finish the look with accessories and artwork to give each room a touch of your personality.