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Arch or no Arch

... or maybe a mix of both?

I never thought I'd be the one to say this, but I've taken a liking to arched openings!

It's really grown on me to the point that I actually don’t understand why I had such a strong dislike of them. Having said that for, post-war, small spaced, low ceilings houses, my opinion still stands! 

If you are planning to open up between rooms in your house or are having a new architect designed property, please consider the ancient feature of arches. Bring out the soft edges to the forefront of design. Arches are making their way back into the design world in hallways, doors and windows. Arched passageways linking various spaces where strategically left open and framed to provide a striking contrast to the light walls.  

Own it; when considering arches there are a few points to remember. Make sure they have plenty of space around them with a good ceiling height. Make it a feature and mix it with regular rectangular shapes to create a contrast for a truly unique look. Don’t feel restricted to only using one shape throughout …

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