Interior Design


Home Office

Integrating an office into your home requires careful styling consideration.

When positioning my working space I look for a calm area with as much natural light as possible. Plain white walls are essential as an “empty canvas” to build my collages onto. A generous working area allows me to lay out drawings, clippings and other creative tools with ease. The decoration of my home office has been carefully selected to inspire me on a daily basis but not so intrusive as to disturb my visual thought process. I look to include, coffee table books, plants, stylized stationary and office equipment.

If you need to fit your home office into a smaller space or merge into your living area, there are many creative ways of integrating without disturbing your natural style balance. Choose a desk that is not dominant but compliments your other furniture. Find a chair that is comfortable without being a typical office item. For desk, lamp and chair, look at local auction houses, flee markets or perhaps invest in a modern design classic. Minimize your wiring and leave only decorative pieces visible at the end of the day.

Be good to yourself with this space, you will spent more time here then any other part of you home. Style it properly and you won’t have to hide it!

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