Interior Design


Japanese Tiles


Founded on Culture & Tradition.

In the quest for ‘the’ tile for a project and after hours of research I found the perfect specimen; Yuki and Arcaico Border tiles. They were perfect! The challenge however was far from over! These tiles could not have come from further away with no distribution network to talk off in Europe. My partners told me to drop it due to the hassel involved but I was not ready to give up. I had already visualised every aspect of the bathrooms and had to find a way getting them here! ………..I’m glad I did.

The Japanese company INAX has fashioned a series of tiles founded on culture and tradition cultivated by the Japanese populace. Such tradition, culture, and technique passed down through the Japanese DNA have been carefully preserved, with the foremost affection and appreciation for nature. Japanese sensitivities to beauty include the spirit of omotenashi (hospitality), a timeless approach to beauty that may quite possibly be distinctively Japanese.


Inspirations from Japanese culture, tradition, and seasonal hues render tiles instilled with sensitivity and refinement by the Japanese people.

London based Raven have made this process simpler and you can now order your beautiful handcrafted tiles directly from them.