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Japanese Tiles

In the quest for ‘the’ tile for a project and after hours of research I found the perfect specimen; Yuki and Arcaico Border tiles. They were perfect! The challenge however was far from over! These tiles could not have come from further away with no distribution network to talk off in Europe. My partners told me to drop it due to the hassel involved but I was not ready to give up. I had already visualised every aspect of the bathrooms and had to find a way getting them here! ………..I’m glad I did.involved but I was not ready to give up. I had already visualised every aspect of the bathrooms and had to find a way getting them here! And am I glad I did.

The Japanese company INAX has fashioned a series of tiles founded on culture and tradition cultivated by the Japanese populace. Such tradition, culture, and technique passed down through the Japanese DNA have been carefully preserved, with the foremost affection and appreciation for nature. Japanese sensitivities to beauty include the spirit of omotenashi (hospitality), a timeless approach to beauty that may quite possibly be distinctively Japanese.

Inspirations from Japanese culture, tradition, and seasonal hues render tiles instilled with sensitivity and refinement by the Japanese people.

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Milan Design Week

Every April, hoards of designers, industry folks, and curious jet-setters descend upon Milan, looking for inspiration at Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week. The sky is the limit, as interior and fashion brands alike seek to outdo each other in the creation of awe-inspiring displays and installations for their new and reissued products. The mania begins on Monday, April 8, and continues throughout the week.

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Verner Panton

Verner Panton translated the inspiration drawn from his years of travels in some of the boldest furniture designs the world had ever seen. With his visionary designs and provocative material choices, playful shapes and bold use of colour, Panton created some of the most iconic Danish designs. The ‘S’ Chair, also known as the Panton Chair is possibly more popular today then ever …

I have made a selection of some of my favourite pieces that is a bit more subtle but at the same time makes a big impact in a room.

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Marion Reynolds
Stella McCartney's Flagship Store

23 Old Bond Street (probably one of the most prestigious retail locations in the world) celebrates the world of Stella, reflecting her approach to design, innovation and sustainability. She has created an intimate, personal and architectural atmosphere to constantly evolve and bring a textured emotional experience into the space. The grade II historic 18th century building’s original façade, including an ornate Edwardian entryway and a planted balcony, have been carefully preserved; a sharp contrast with the contemporary interior that is spread across the four floors connected by a spiral raw steel staircase

The space explores a play on texture, volume and light in themes that evolve throughout the building. Fluted concrete walls in a range of textures from top to floor complement glass cube cases, linear brass railings, and colourful ceramic gemstone fixtures and vintage furniture include pieces by Mario Bellini and Angelo Mangiarotti.

Further bringing personal emotion into the space is the use of sound, light and smell to create a multi-sensory experience.Natural light gleams through the shop’s urban indoor garden and the striking skylight, while artificial lights subtly highlight the space’s architectural details and product features. Upon entering the shop on the ground floor, a customised fragrance complements the clean air experience.

She has also introduced the ‘member and non-members only’ club, hidden on the second floor that will offer a unique journey into the world of Stella featuring installations such as personal family photos, an inside to the studio and inspiration behind the seasons collections. Various events and exhibitions will rotate constantly.

Make sure to visit next time you are in the neighbourhood.

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Marion Reynolds
Arch or no Arch

... or maybe a mix of both?

I never thought I'd be the one to say this, but I've taken a liking to arched openings!

It's really grown on me to the point that I actually don’t understand why I had such a strong dislike of them. Having said that for, post-war, small spaced, low ceilings houses, my opinion still stands! 

If you are planning to open up between rooms in your house or are having a new architect designed property, please consider the ancient feature of arches. Bring out the soft edges to the forefront of design. Arches are making their way back into the design world in hallways, doors and windows. Arched passageways linking various spaces where strategically left open and framed to provide a striking contrast to the light walls.  

Own it; when considering arches there are a few points to remember. Make sure they have plenty of space around them with a good ceiling height. Make it a feature and mix it with regular rectangular shapes to create a contrast for a truly unique look. Don’t feel restricted to only using one shape throughout …

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