We provide bespoke styling solutions to each project with a fresh design ethos inspired by you and the property. A balance of your own treasured pieces mixed with design classics and contemporary production, tempered with current trends will be used.

Careful attention to detail & quality, balancing colours and textures with space and light will produce a room or collection of rooms that project your character in a strong and confident way, while remaining practical for you and your family or business.

We understand that each client / home / project are entirely unique and we have complete flexibility to tailor any package to suit your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.



Q. What type of projects do you take care of?

A. We can work Off Plan for a new build, liaise with your Architect or Developer for a Renovation through to simply re-arranging your existing furniture/decor.

Q. What type of client do you work with?

A. Homeowners, Magazines, Property Developers, Landlords as well as Boutique Restaurants, Hotels and Spas.

Q. What types of things do you deal with in my property?

A. We work with furniture, accessories, wall coverings/colours, light fittings, floor coverings/styles and other decorative items.

Q. Where do I get all the incredible things you recommend, as they are not generally available on the High Street?

A. We can provide Purchasing Assistance ranging from product recommendations with links to full service (placed in your room).

Q. How much help can you give me?

A. Our involvement can end at the mood board or follow the development through to handover with a high level of independent quality control of your contractors; the choice is yours.